About Us

  • We are the only company that manufactures our patented and copyrighted smokeless brick oven (Pugon), stoves and grills that uses charcoal or wood for fuel.
  • Our user friendly products are well-known for efficiency, durability, quality and economy.
    Our products use no electricity or gas except for our turbo models that use only a 2-watt fan.
  • All our products are copyrighted and patented at the intellectual property office.

Special Features of our products

  1. 1. High temperature capability.
  2. 2. Very High heat insulating property.
  3. 3. Much more economical to use than the ordinary cement or metal stoves because of its insulating properties.
  4. 4. Our products are all smokeless when in use;
  5. 5. They will start with just one lighted matchstick.
  6. 6. No fanning or electric fan needed to maintain the fire.
  7. 7. Very easy to use with convenient pull-out firebox to refill charcoal while in use.
  8. 8. Easy maintenance with an ash tray to collect ashes.
  9. 9. No washing or cleaning needed. Only use a brush to dust off ashes.
  10. 10. Safe. No danger of causing explosion.
  11. 11. Thermal crack resistant, will not crack even after repeated cookings.
  12. 12. Being a refractory material, it will not melt, corrode and rust.
  13. 13. Very affordable and competitive prices compared with other ordinary stoves.
  14. 14. 1 year warranty on all our products.